For Tartans and Plaids

imageThe pattern of interlocking stripes called a tartan, which is often mistakenly referred as plaid, has its origins in the Scottish history decorating most of the original kilts, also known as “belted plaids“. Even though the term plaid is commonly used in fashion to describe a piece that is made of tartan design, Plaide derives from the Gaelic word for a blanket and is used in context of Highland dress to refer to a large length of material. In other words, the original Scottish kilts were called “belted plaids” as they were made of a length cloth-a large blanket in many cases- gathered and belted at the waist, however, as most of them were made of tartan pattern, the two terms were Mingled confusedly.

image image  image  image image

Even though I can still recall my favorite,  red-black and white, tartan patterned, plaided dress which used to be a must-have item in a teenage-girl’s wardrobe in the early ’90s, the wooly weave of Scottish tartans tend to rule not only the fall collections of many famous designers like Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren but also our everyday options. being easily mixed and matched to form the perfect outfit for every single ocassion.




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This blog was designed as part of the last semester's English course of Fashion Designers' Department At the Public Vocational Institute in Galatsi where I used to teach from 2010 to 2013. One of the main goals of this blog was to actively involve my students in writing in English based on the topics discussed in class every week as well as to share what I really find inspiring in fashion. Stay tuned and share the love for fashion. The introductions and some videos or pictures to the topics will be posted by me, they will be updated and enriched by my students' involvement and their names will appear next to their texts.
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